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  • Dec 22 Orthodontic Emergencies – What to do at Home and While Traveling

    Starting orthodontic treatment is a big step and it’s exciting to think about the amazing results you’ll experience. Obviously, most patients want everything to go right so they can show off their brand new smile as soon as possible. That’s why ...  Read More

  • Nov 15 Braces-Friendly Food in the Sleepy Hollow, NY Area

    Obviously, perfecting smiles tops the list of our favorite things here at 914 Orthodontics but food is pretty high up there too. How could it not be as long as pasta and tacos exist? That’s why we completely understand why our Sleepy Hollow, NY ...  Read More

  • Oct 17 How Much do Braces and Invisalign Cost?

    Deciding to straighten your teeth and get a smile you love can be a life-changing experience, giving you a huge boost in confidence, not to mention improving your oral health. Yet, before most patients kick off treatment, they ask Dr. Kothari ...  Read More

  • Sep 27 How Do I Know if I Chose the Right Orthodontist?

    If you’re seeking an orthodontist for you or your child, then don’t make a commitment too quickly; every orthodontist is different. Some may prefer to use a specific treatment plan over others, and some may charge their patients more for ...  Read More

  • Sep 14 15 FREE (oh yeah!) Fall Activities for Kids in Sleepy Hollow, NY and Nearby

    We know, we know, it’s a little sad that summer’s over. However, the good news is, we live in one the most fall-friendly places around (who does Halloween like Sleepy Hollow?). Nothing eases the back-to-school transition like taking advantage of ...  Read More

  • Aug 23 What Problems Can Invisalign Correct?

    Dr. Rishi Kothari and the professionals at Sleepy Hollow Orthodontics know that Invisalign clear aligners Briarcliff NY are an effective and convenient alternative to traditional metal braces. They have the knowledge and experience to answer ...  Read More

  • Aug 03 Traveling with Invisalign

    Straightening teeth with Invisalign clear aligners Briarcliff Manor NY is a specialty of Dr. Rishi Kothari and the team at Sleepy Hollow Orthodontics. They know that when away from home, Invisalign is a portable and convenient method of ...  Read More

  • Jul 24 What is the Orthodontic Treatment Process?

    Dr. Rishi Kothari of Sleepy Hollow Orthodontics works every day with patients in Dobbs Ferry NY who are looking to fix their crooked teeth (malocclusions) and other orthodontic issues. An orthodontist is a qualified dentist who has undergone ...  Read More

  • Jul 21 What to do before an orthodontic checkup?

     Dr. Rishi Kothari and the team at Sleepy Hollow Orthodontics are sensitive to a patient’s apprehension before an orthodontic check-up in Pleasantville NY They know that a consistently conscientious program of check-ups throughout the course of ...  Read More

  • Jul 18 Should I Still Get Braces as an Adult?

    Orthodontic treatment with braces isn’t just for teenagers, as common perception may have it. Nearly 20 percent of people wearing braces today are adults. Orthodontic treatment for adults can be highly effective in treating malocclusions (the ...  Read More

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